Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are You Attracting Cooked Food into Your Life?

What you are weak to you will attract. This is a fact we recognize in our lives.
It's always the hardest to overcome or change the things that make us feel powerless.
So how can we change this in our lives? How can we overcome the things that are weighing us down?

The First thing you must do is make yourself strong to all the possibilities. For example, if you are struggling with junk food, perhaps cooked pizza or whatever your weakness is, you need to be strong to having pizza and strong to not having pizza. If you are strong to both the possibilities, then you will be able to make the choice to have or not to have.

When you make yourself strong to all the options you will be able to make whatever choice you want.
So that even if you decide to chose the cooked food option, it will not make you weak, and you will not have to "beat yourself up" for "falling off the wagon". And your ability to continue your Raw/Living Food Lifestyle after the event will be easier with less struggle.

We all want less struggle! So make yourself strong to having things you have told yourself are forbidden, and to not having them. Then you will attract more of what you want in your life, and stop attracting what you don't want.

To Strength!

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