Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is Your Raw Food Making You Weak?

Most Raw Foodies believe that they have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that over time will make them stronger, better, healthier. But is this really true? Are you experiencing all sorts of weird symptoms that you think are going to get better soon as long as you can just stick to your Raw diet?

I am one of the many Raw Foodies that has embraced this amazing lifestyle for all of it's wonderful benefits. And I have experienced many awesome changes as a result. So, why do I (and perhaps you too) have all sorts of strange symptoms going on? Is it just because we are "cleansing" and "purifying" our bodies? Or is there something else involved here?

After being Raw for many years one would think that the "cleansing", etc. would be over with and done. Right? And truly it should be, if that were all there was too it. So, what is really going on here??

Of course it could be several things, but the one I am going to discuss now is that your Raw Food may be making you Weak instead of Strong. Our Bio-Computers are digital - this means we are either Strong or Weak, On or Off, just like any other digital device. So when we eat, whether Raw Food or something else, we need to be sure we are Strong to what we are eating. So be sure to tell yourself to be Strong to whatever you eat.

Also, eating things that you believe are "good for you" can bring up a weakness to things that are "bad for you". This is called the opposite effect. Things that are normally considered good for you can actually be harming you, because your Bio-Computer goes Weak when you eat them.

So, if you eat something that you are certain is good for you, and you find yourself having some unwanted symptoms from it, be sure to remove the opposite affect, so that you will indeed receive the benefits and not be harmed by it.

To Enjoying and Benefiting More from our Raw/Living Food Lifestyle!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are You Attracting Cooked Food into Your Life?

What you are weak to you will attract. This is a fact we recognize in our lives.
It's always the hardest to overcome or change the things that make us feel powerless.
So how can we change this in our lives? How can we overcome the things that are weighing us down?

The First thing you must do is make yourself strong to all the possibilities. For example, if you are struggling with junk food, perhaps cooked pizza or whatever your weakness is, you need to be strong to having pizza and strong to not having pizza. If you are strong to both the possibilities, then you will be able to make the choice to have or not to have.

When you make yourself strong to all the options you will be able to make whatever choice you want.
So that even if you decide to chose the cooked food option, it will not make you weak, and you will not have to "beat yourself up" for "falling off the wagon". And your ability to continue your Raw/Living Food Lifestyle after the event will be easier with less struggle.

We all want less struggle! So make yourself strong to having things you have told yourself are forbidden, and to not having them. Then you will attract more of what you want in your life, and stop attracting what you don't want.

To Strength!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Are You Stong Enough to Go RAW?

Seriously, are you strong enough to be eating all that raw food?

Most of us come to the Raw/Living Food lifestyle from having eaten mostly cooked food all our lives.
What makes us think that our bodies can handle the change?

For many people it is very difficult to change. They struggle with this change in their life energy, so they keep going back to what has been comfortable for them. Then they beat themselves up for not being strong enough to stick with their new chosen lifestyle.

If you fall into this category, there are several things you can do. First, make yourself strong to changing (just say "strong to changing"). You may have to do this several times at first and then again any time you are not feeling strong to your changes. Second, make yourself strong to eating raw food (again, just say "strong to eating raw food"). When you do these things you are asking your Bio-computer (Body, Mind, and Spirit) to support your changes and your new lifestyle. This will make it a lot easier to make the transition. One more thing you can do is to make yourself remove all your old craving (you get the idea now, right, just say, "remove all my old cravings").

Of course, I am oversimplifying here to help you get going. There may be other things weakening you, or holding you back, or with which you are struggling. But this is a good place to start. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have.

Our Bio-computer speaks the same language we do, whatever language that may be. So by using this natural language we can easily reprogram ourselves to be Strong Enough to Go Raw!

All the Best on Your journey!

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