Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is the the Biggest problem Raw Foodies encounter?

The Biggest problem Raw Foodies encounter is Information Overload! There are too many "Experts", offering too many opinions.

You may ask "Why is this a problem"?

Our BMS ~Body, Mind, and Spirit~ which records everything we experience, both consciously, sub-consciously and non-consciously, needs to be purged every now and then to keep running smoothly. Think about your computer - when it gets full of all the things you download constantly and you don't have much room left on your hard drive, you either need to delete some things or get a bigger hard drive. The same applies to our information storage system (we call this our Bio-Computer - or BMS).

So in the same way a computer's efficiency decreases with information overload, we do too.

The solution is to continually delete all the unwanted information, or at least the energy of it. This helps us to use more effectively the information we want and not be overloaded and become dysfunctional from the information we don't want or need.

So while it is great that there is a lot of information about the Raw Food Diet and many variations on it by various "Experts", we as individuals need to be sure we are not overwhelmed by the information to the point it gives us any problems. Read all you like, but be "strong" to what you read. When you are energetically "strong" to what you read, then you are Free to make your own Choices about what you do with the information.

Be Energized!

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