Friday, September 28, 2012

Is Health the Most Important thing?

You've probably heard the expression, "if you haven't got your Health, you haven't got anything", or some variation of this. And us Raw Foodies tend to put our Health on a Pedestal.

But in reality "Health" is only one part of what makes us whole and capable of achieving our highest potential.

The other components are Relationships, Fitness, Prosperity, Purpose, Rejuvenation, and Time.

How these affect us are often perceived incorrectly as being a Health problem. For instance, if you have a Prosperity problem, it may cause your emotions to get out of balance, which may cause you to have a lot of problems with your breathing or digestive ability or it may even cause headaches or other painful sensations.

A Relationship problem may be causing similar problems. It could also be causing you to invite some traumatic experience into your Life to bring more attention to your self from whomever your relationship is not strong.

Each of the components of Life needs to be strong for all the others to support us to function at our highest level. We simply don't perform well as human beings when they are out of balance or not at their optimal level.

Many people turn to the Raw Food Lifestyle to improve their health. Some achieve high levels of health, and solve their problems this way. But most do not. You simply can't "eat your way" out of your problem, if it isn't a health problem to begin with. I'm not disrespecting the Raw Food Lifestyle at all here. I am a long time Raw Foodie myself, and fully appreciate the Alkalizing nature and many other benefits that go with it.

But, No, Health is Not the Most Important Thing. It's only one part of the whole picture of having a fulfilling, balanced life.

Here's to Your Balance!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is the the Biggest problem Raw Foodies encounter?

The Biggest problem Raw Foodies encounter is Information Overload! There are too many "Experts", offering too many opinions.

You may ask "Why is this a problem"?

Our BMS ~Body, Mind, and Spirit~ which records everything we experience, both consciously, sub-consciously and non-consciously, needs to be purged every now and then to keep running smoothly. Think about your computer - when it gets full of all the things you download constantly and you don't have much room left on your hard drive, you either need to delete some things or get a bigger hard drive. The same applies to our information storage system (we call this our Bio-Computer - or BMS).

So in the same way a computer's efficiency decreases with information overload, we do too.

The solution is to continually delete all the unwanted information, or at least the energy of it. This helps us to use more effectively the information we want and not be overloaded and become dysfunctional from the information we don't want or need.

So while it is great that there is a lot of information about the Raw Food Diet and many variations on it by various "Experts", we as individuals need to be sure we are not overwhelmed by the information to the point it gives us any problems. Read all you like, but be "strong" to what you read. When you are energetically "strong" to what you read, then you are Free to make your own Choices about what you do with the information.

Be Energized!

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Energetics and the Raw Food "Diet"

Hi Everyone,

I'm taking a new direction with my blog. I'll still post new recipes and pictures, if and when they happen. But for right now, I would like to dedicate my blog posts to helping Raw Foodies with their difficulties in Going Raw, Being Raw, Staying Raw and anything & everything else that troubles them about the Raw "Diet". So if you have any questions or problems, please post them in the comments and I will be happy to help. I'm a long time Raw Foodie (first went Raw back in 1987), so I've seen and done and experienced a wide range of problems and solutions. I'm also a long time Nutritionist and Energetics Consultant, so I am happy to share my knowledge, experience, and abilities with the Raw Community.

Fire away!