Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skip a meal, skip all those calories!

I wasn't hungry this morning, so it was a great day to not eat breakfast. Seriously people, who made up the phrase "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". Come on now, it sounds like someone's trying to sell you something! I say, if you aren't hungry, why should you force yourself to eat. No wonder our nation is struggling with obesity. If you want to lose weight, what better way than to skip a meal when you aren't hungry. I personally have lots more energy to do other things when I'm not weighed down digesting a meal. Not to mention the time saved preparing the meal.

So with breakfast out of the way, around 3pm I started to get hungry, so I had some delicious green smoothie. Very satisfying, nourishing and delicious.

Dinner was lots of Kale salad, with a little smear of curry sauce wrapped in a wonderful Curry Coconut Wrapper! One of my FAVORITE meals!!

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