Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is the "Rollercoaster Diet"?

So what is this Rollercoaster Diet?
It's simply changing what you eat everyday. That includes how many meals, what type of food, how much food, how much water, fasting, whatever, just making every day as different as possible.
You see, our bodies get into a rut easily from repetitive eating. So by changing constantly it jolts the body into releasing the extra waste products that we otherwise hold onto.
As an example I fast one day on water, another on fresh juices, another day I eat only dinner, another only breakfast or lunch. Some days I eat two meals, some days three meals, some days I eat anything I want and as much as I want. I am still consuming a 99.99% Raw Organic Diet, because this is the most compatible with my particular body. But I am not opposed to a rare cooked meal, just for the sake of keeping things varied. I also vary what type of food I eat each day. Some days I eat all fruit, some days green smoothies all day long, some days lots of vegetables and seeds or nuts, some days high fat, some days no fat. The most important factors are change and making yourself strong to what you are doing (through energetic corrections).
So this is the basis of what I'm doing and it's working out great! I welcome others to join me on this journey and release unwanted pounds and inches to. Best wishes to all!

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